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Statue Freddy Lombard

Message par Expo 58 le Dim 22 Juin 2008 - 23:07

Hi there,

Here a question in English as my French is not well enough to put the question straight.

It's about the Saint Emett statue of Freddy Lombard released with brown and blue trousers.

As far is I have been informed the statue was released with brown trousers in 1999 and with blue trousers approximately 5 years ago. The last one was accompagied by a certificate (looks the same as the ones with the Dina and Sweep statues). Now there seam to appear releases with brown trousers and certificate. Does anyone know what's the story behind this?

The statue with brown trousers without certificate has an issue of 250, the one with certificate also states an issue of 250.

It wouldn't surprise me, as the statue with brown trousers is an early St. Emett release, that he did not fabricate all 250 items at once. He might have produced only 50%. Once he made the Sweep and Dina statues he might have made the remaining statues with blue trousers and certificate plus he might have released the remaining statues he had in stock (with brown pants) with certificate as well.

Do I interpret it correctly or is there another explanation?

Thanks very much for your help.


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